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NewOfficialHeadshot1“Salem’s path to progress may not always be a pretty one, but in the end it makes a greater city for residents, businesses, and visitors alike. As our city looks to over $1.7 billion in public and private projects over the next few years, BuildingSalem will be here as your source of information for it all.” signature


BuildingSalem is a public information initiative to improve coordination and communications, and address constituent concerns related to major construction projects in Salem.


Salem is a growing, thriving community, but it is also a City with older infrastructure, transportation challenges, and other barriers to growth. There are dozens of projects already underway or scheduled to commence in the next few years that will go a long way towards addressing and remedying those issues. It’s the sign of a City that is moving forward.


This initiative builds on the lessons learned from previous major construction projects in Salem. It is singularly focused on minimizing disruption and maintaining open lines of communication between those executing projects and the residents, visitors, and businesses of our City.


BuildingSalem will not replace existing public information efforts being undertaken by specific project stakeholders. Instead, our efforts are focused on smoothing out issues related to construction activities and ensuring maximum constituent outreach and communications when it comes to major projects.


If you are experiencing a problem related to the myriad of construction projects that will be underway in the City over the next several months, we want to work with you and the project proponent to address it.


If we can provide timely information about projects, we also hope to minimize disorder and avoid problems before they start.


The primary goal of BuildingSalem is to limit disruption to neighborhoods and businesses to the greatest extent possible and facilitate better communication between project partners, residents, and City government.



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